They say it takes two to Tango!
…and our tale begins in Venice with two sisters:
Viola and Vera Arrivabene and their passion
for the humble Furlane slippers.

The Furlane


The Furlane slippers sum-up the heart of Venice; it’s rich history, culture and traditions legend says that the gondolieri adopted these plush velvet slippers with their robust rubber soles (traditionally made from old bicycle tires) so as not to ruin the paint of their very pricey gondolas, but we like to think of these slippers also as the staple items in wardrobes of Venetian ancestors, that used them to sneak around their chambers in silence.

Every time the siblings boarded a plane, train, car or space shuttle… they would receive that inevitable call from friends, family, lovers and strangers:
Please, please, please could you please buy 5..10..20.. pairs of Furlane

ViBi is born

the legend

Fast forward to 2015, throw in the picture a couple of squabbling ViBi sisters, a touch of sibling rivalry and a workshop of top artisans in Friuli Venezia Giulia and just like that ViBi Venezia is born. ViBi Venezia aims to spread the Arrivabene sisters love and passion for Venice by drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscapes and colours of the city. Venice and all it’s magic captured in a pair of slippers!